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201 1849 HANSEN, Johan (I2684)
202 1851 forlover for datteren Johanne.
Skolelærer og kirkesanger (Henning Christensen, Byvej 16 D, 2650 Hvidovre). 
MØLLER, Adam Rasmus Pedersen (I1256)
203 1864: 25 Februar, Niels Peter Jensen, døbt den 12 Juni i kirken, Arbejdsman Peter Jensen og hustru Mathilde Pedersen 21 Aar gammel i Nykjøbing.
1911 Ørnevej 9, opslag 9
1925 Ørnevej 9
1930 Ørnevej 9, opslag 29 med Viggo 
JENSEN, Niels Peter (I4498)
204 1868: 20de April, Laurids Martin Jensen, døbt den 28 Juni i kirken, Peter Jensen kudsk paa Anneberg og hustru Mathilde Pedersen, 25 Aar gl, ?? Grønnehave, Ungkarl Peter Petersen fra i Brend og Ungkarl Niels Andersen fra ???strup, huusmand Jens Nielsen af Asmindrup. Pigen Trine Larsen og Pigen Line Lauridsen fra Nykjøbing.
FT1880 hos forældrene
FT1890 hos forældrene 
JENSEN, Lauritz Martin (I4499)
205 1870 No 25, 17 Decembr, Ernst Anton Jensen, døbt 23 April 1871 i kirken, Kudsk Peder Jensen paa Anneberg og hustru Mathilde Pedersen, 28 Aar gammel boende ved Grønnehave, Pigerne Stine Petersen af Staarup og Susie? Madsen i Nykjøbing, Huusmand Peder Pedersen i Brendt, Tjenstekarlene Peter Larsen paa J??? og Anders Jensen i Nykjøbing.
1885 No 20, Søndagen 12 April, Ernst Anton Jensen, Konfirmeret i Højby.
FT1911, Ørnevej 9, Kbh, opslag 9 
JENSEN, Ernst Anton (I4500)
206 1873 No 6, 10 Marts, Anna Charlotte Jensen, døbt 11 April i Kirken, Kudsk paa Anneberg Peder Jensen og hustru Mathilde Pedersen, 30 Aar gl. boer ved Grønnehave pr Nykjøbing, Tjenstepigerne Line Madsen og ?? Jensen i Nykjøbing, Huusmændene Peter Petersen af Brendt og Peter Rasmussen af ??strup og ?? Anders Jensen og Peter Larsen i Nykjøbing.
FT1890: holbaek, Ods, Højby, Anneberggaard og Huse, Anneberggaard, 3, FT-1890, C5554
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Ida Sabine Buchwald 69 Ugift Husmoder Eiendomsbesidderinde Høiby Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Charlotte Vilhelmine Buchwald 54 Ugift Do [Husmoder] Do [Eiendomsbesidderinde] Høiby Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Anne Mariane Holstejn 71 Enke Logerende, Slægtning Pensionist Høiby Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Ida Sabrina Buchwald 18 Ugift Logerende, Slægtning - Høiby Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Anna Ingeborg Petersen 41 Ugift Husjomfru, Slægtning Husjomfru Ourø, Frederiksborg Amt
*Anna Charlotte Jensen 16 Ugift Tjenestepige Tjenestepige Nykjøbing Sj
Bolette Cecilie Nielsen 20 Ugift Tjenestepige Tjenestepige Odden Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Christian Petersen 42 Ugift Kudsk Kudsk Asnæs Sogn, Holbæk Amt
Frederik Jensen 17 Ugift Gartnerelev - Kjøbenhavn 
JENSEN, Anna Charlotte (I4501)
207 1876 - 1885, opslag 215 CHRISTENSEN, Carla Sofie (I1004)
208 1876 13 juni, Bolette Mathilde Jensen, i kirken 13 August, Jens Peder Jensen og hustru Mathilde Pedersen af Staarup, Frb(=frambaaren) af Pigen Cecilie Andresen tj(enende) paa Anneberg, Hans Madsen Staarup, Hmd Anders Jensen af Højby (Parcel?), Arbejdmand Peter Petersen Nykøbing
1886 No 8, 22 Maj, begravet 28 Maj, Bolette Mathilde Jensen, ??? Peter Jensen Staarup, 10 Aar. 
JENSEN, Bolette Mathilda (I4497)
209 1880 bor Åbenrå gade/vej 28 "København" og er tjenestepige hos fam. Peter Ludvig Nielsen.
1916 bor hun på Solitudevej og er enke. 
MØLLNITZ, Eleonora Amalie (I56)
210 1880 Census

John F. SHUSTER Self M Male W 42 Ohio Farmer PA Ohio
Margaret A. SHUSTER Wife M Female W 44 Ohio Keeping House MD PA
P. C. SHUSTER Dau S Female W 19 Ohio At Home Ohio Ohio
Charles H. SHUSTER Son S Male W 17 Ohio Works On Farm Ohio Ohio
George J. SHUSTER Son S Male W 13 Ohio Works On Farm Ohio Ohio
Mary C. SHUSTER Dau S Female W 6 IL At School Ohio Ohio
Clara E. SHUSTER Dau S Female W 1 IL At Home Ohio Ohio

Source Information:
Census Place Tower Hill, Shelby, Illinois
Family History Library Film 1254252
NA Film Number T9-0252
Page Number 299B 
SCHUSTER, George Henry (I913)
211 1880 Census

Orson MC INTIRE Self M Male W 39 Ohio Drug Clerk NY MA
Alice A. MC INTIRE Wife M Female W 29 Ohio Keeping House PA MD
Leola E. MC INTIRE Dau S Female W 8 Ohio Ohio Ohio
Source Information:
Census Place Adams, Seneca, Ohio
Family History Library Film 1255065
NA Film Number T9-1065
Page Number 67B 
MCINTIRE, Orson (I922)
212 1880 CENSUS RECORD; Seneca Co., Adams Twp., Ohio
Hayes Memorial Library 6/13/1996
Sutter, Godfrey age 50, b. Switerland, Minister
Sutter, Mary (w) age 33, b. Wistenberg Germany,
Sutter, William (s) age 15, b. Ohio, lives at home
Sutter, Amelia (d) age 14, b. Ohio, lives at home
Sutter, Fannie (d) age 12, b. Ohio, at school
Sutter, Annie (d) age 10, b. Ohio, at school
Sutter, Lizzie (d) age 8, b. Ohio, at school
Sutter, Henry (s) age 6, b. Ohio, at school
Sutter, Louisa (d) age 3, b. Ohio, at home
Sutter, Emma (d) age 1, b. Ohio, at home
1900 CENSUS RECORD; Paulding Co., Blue Creek Twp, Ohio
Hayes Memorial Library 6/13/1996 Sheet 4, line 40
Sutter, Godfrey age 70, b. 1829, Switerland,
Sutter, Mary (w) age 53, b.1846, Wistenberg Germany,
Sutter, Elizabeth (d) age 28, b. 1871, Ohio, at school
Sutter, Henry (s) age 27, b. 6/1873, Ohio, at school
Sutter, Emma (d) age 22, b. 4/1879, Ohio, at home
Sutter, Paul (s) age 20, b. 4/1880, Ohio
Sutter, Agnes (d) age 16, b. 1883, Ohio

Published by OTTAWA COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY 1985 282 pages -- submitted by Mildred M. nee Danklefsen Walmsley

The Rev. Godfrey Sutter, (1829-1912), son of Johann Jakob Sutter, Bretzwil, Canton of Basel, Switzerland and Barbara nee Schneider of Reigoldsvil, Canton of Basel. The family left Europe for New York on the sailing vessel "Attica" in 1839. , a voyage of 50 days. Buried at sea the eldest daughter; her death after twelve hours of illness.
The family settled in New Basel, Fairfield County. After Godfrey's father's death in 1844, they moved to a farm in Putnam County. Godfrey became a carpenter, an expert rail-splitter.
Following his father, John Jacob, in the ministry, he enrolled in Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Capital University, Columbus, 1859. Graduating in June and ordained four years later; in August married Mary Magdalene Reiff.
Born in 1846 in Wurtenberg, Bavaria, daughter of George Frederic Reiff and Johanna Regina Veyl. Emigrating in 1849 they settled near Lancaster, Fairfield County; later to Columbus.
Godfrey's first two parishes were near Leipsic, Putnam County; taught in Dutch Settlement School District. Shortly after their first child, William Henry (1864-1930) was born, Godfrey received the call to Wapakoneta, Auglaize County. Born there : Amelia Agnes (1866-1961) and (Mary Veronica) Fanny (1867-1947). Leaving the urban parish, he chose to accept a rural one nearby. There Anna Christine (1869-1895) was born.
After eight years Godfrey accepted a call, 1871, Woodland, Drake County. In their seven years serving the Woodland congregation; three children: (Margaret Elizabeth (1871-1945), (John) Henry August (1874-1951), Christina Wilhelmina Louisa (1877 -1955). Leaving the happy years in Woodland, the family moved to Fireside, Seneca County, where his brother, The Rev. John Jacob, left to accept a parish in Marion, Ohio. Godfrey served four churches. Born, the three youngest: Emma Magdalene (1879 -1976). Paul Raymond (1881-1959). (He served in the U.S. Navy during the Spanish-American War), and (Catherine) Katie (1889-1943).
In 1885 Godfrey and family moved to a rural parish in Allen County near Fort Wayne, Ind. Three years later the Sutter family returned to Ohio to accept a newly organized parish, Briceton, Paulding County. As the last agricultural frontier in Oh io, the area was being cleared of dense hardwood forest, the Black Swamp, and drained for prosperous agriculture. When the Nickel Plate Railroad was built through Briceton, the pioneer village was organized in 1882. Godfrey became the first resident pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church; built by its members (1887-1888) for an "out-of-pocket" cost of $400. The Sutter family purchased 25 acres of woodland, cleared by church members and the pa stor for the family farm. The parsonage, built by son-in-law, George Kronmiller, had two front rooms; one being the classroom where Godfrey taught children of church members in both German and English.
During his ministry he married his nine children; the youngest lived at home. (Married names of daughters and long-time residence each): William, Fort Wayne; Amelia Kinsel, Oak Harbor; Fanny Kronmiller, Fort Wayne; Anna Helle, Briceton; Elizabe th Paysen, Payne, Paulding County; Henry, Oak Harbor; Louisa Zeigler, Grass Lake, Michigan; Emma Danklefsen, Bellevue; Paul, Kalamazoo; Katie, Oak Harbor.
Four years after Godfrey's retirement, 1907, they moved to Oak Harbor, soon afterward on Walnut, same street as daughter, Amelia Kinsel, and son, Henry. Godfrey was known for his sharp intellect, wit and dry humor; his spouse, gentle and demure. They gave to their large family, their descendants, also, a staunch sense of responsibility, to labor willingly, to accomplish; to live the Christian ethic of diligence and forthrightness.
In 1912 Godfrey departed from this world at the age of 84. His widow, Mary and youngest daughter continued to reside in their home until Mary's death, 96, (1943). Grandmother Mary's pastor, the late Rev. Benjamin Franklin Brandt of St. John' s Lutheran Church, Oak Harbor, summarized in her obituary a fitting response of her life. "...She was a faithful member of our church and of Lutheran's Aid Society; attending divine services regularly; frequent guest at the Lord's Supper.. She wa s little in stature but not in spirit. She set an example of an upright Christian life to members of her family, to members of the congregation, to the people outside the church." Godfrey and Mary are buried in Oak Harbor Cemetery as are descendan ts who had lived in Oak Harbor.
Descendants of the Rev. Godfrey and Mary Sutter: Five generations: One of America's large living families: 456 Deceased: 53
-- -- -- -- -- --
Pastor of a Lutheran Church, Lima, Allen Co., OH 1863-18__.
Pastor of a Lutheran Church, Leipsic, Putnam Co., OH 18__-18__. Pastor of a Lutheran Church, Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co., 1865-1871. Pastor of a Lutheran Church, Willow Dell, Darke Co. , OH 1871-1877. Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran, Clyde, Sandusky Co.; Adams Lutheran, Adams Twp., Seneca Co.; Fireside Lutheran, Thompson Twp., Seneca Co. 1877-1885.
Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran, Lyme Twp, Bellevue OH 1882-1885. Pastor of a St. John's Lutheran Church, Lake Township-a mission church, St. John's Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN from 25 Mar 1886-3 Jun 1888.
Pastor of St. John Lutheran, Briceton, Paulding Co., OH from 1888-1909. 
SUTTER, Godfrey (I720)
213 19 søndag efter trinitatis. PETERSEN, Niels (I4979)
214 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. JEPPESEN, Jørn Vedel (I4314)
215 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. TOFTAGER, Leila (I5181)
216 1903 - 1964 opslag 175 JEPPESEN, Sonja Schrøder (I5178)
217 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. JEPPESEN, Viggo (I5179)
218 1907 er hun bogbinder. Svendsen, Agnes Mathilde Marie (I6118)
219 1910 CENSUS RECORD; Oak Harbor, Precinct #2 Sheet 14, Line 2
Sutter, Henry age 34, b. Ohio
Sutter, Ella (w) age 34, b. Ohio
Sutter, Marie (d) age 8, b. Ohio
Sutter, Arthur (s) age 7, b. Ohio
Sutter, Martin (s) age 5, b. Ohio
Sutter, Josaphine (d) age 3, b. Ohio
Sutter, Clara (d) age 2, b. Ohio
Sutter, Godfred (s) age 9/12, b. Ohio
1985 282 pages --- submitted by Henriella Sutter Meinke
(John) Henry August Sutter (1874-1951 was the sixth child of the Rev. Godfrey and Mary Magdalene nee Reiff Sutter. His father (1829-1912), mother, nine brothers and sisters, came from Bretzwil, Canton Basel, Switzerland when ten years old. Hi s mother, Mary (1846-1843) with her parents, two brothers and a sister, emigrated from Wurttenberg, Bavaria when three years old. The Swiss Sutter family first lived in New Basel, Fairfield County; Henry's mother, nearby Lancaster, Fairfield County.
Henry's father enrolled in the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Capital University, Columbus, was graduated four years later in 1863. Ordained; he married Mary Magdalene in August. After serving four parishes in Ohio where four older childre n were born, Henry and two sisters were born in Woodland, Darke County, after which the family moved to Fireside, Seneca County; minister of four churches. There three younger children were born. Serving for three years (1885-1888); Allen County near Fort Wayne, he became the first resident pas tor in 1888, St. John Lutheran Church, a newly organized congregation, Briceton, Paulding County; also teaching the parochial school in both German and English. He married nine of his children the youngest lived a home until after her mother's dea th. After retiring the Rev. Godfrey and Mary Sutter moved to Oak Harbor near their children, Henry Sutter and Amelia Kinsel.
Henry married Ella Batilda Soenichsen (1876-1964) of Woodville, Ottawa County. Her parents, Sibern (1836-1912) and Agnes nee Thompson Soenichsen (1853-1935) emigrated from the Duchy of Schleswig, Denmark.
The Henry and Ella Sutter Children: (Married names of daughters, occupations). Born Briceton were (Mary) Marie Agnes Taylor (1901- ), Secretary; Arthur Godfrey (1903- ) Mason and concrete block manufacturer; Martin George (1904-1928) Electri c power linesman; Josephine Eleanor Miller (1906- ) Secretary.
Paulding County was still in a pioneer stage the last virgin territory in Ohio; plenty timber was available for a lumber and barrel stave factory providing the only employer in Briceton. A carpenter by trade, find work opportunities scan t in Briceton. He moved his family to Oak Harbor in 1908. Became well-known in Ottawa County elsewhere; first as a carpenter, his second skill masonry, a concrete building contractor with his concrete block plant in rear of residence Walnut Street. As each son reached employment age he worked fo r his father. W. Henry Sutter retired, 3 sons worked at the Erie Ordnance Depot.
Children born in Oak Harbor; Clara Amelia Schafer (1908- ), Secretary; Godfrey (1909- ), Insurance; John William (1910, infant death), Peter Henry, 1912- ), Office executive; Valena Batilda Zimmerman (1914- ), Teacher; Esther Louise Bell (19 16- ), Secretary; Henriella Meinke (1917- ), Musician - vocal, piano; Paul Raymond (1918- ), Barber.
Confirmed members of St. John's Lutheran Church, Oak Harbor and graduates of Oak Harbor High School, college training choice, there was instilled by their parents importance an desire for higher education. The younger descendants are making use their training as Teachers, geologists, an artist of geological subjects, nurses, secretaries, estate dealer, undertaker, printer, beautician, computer electronic scientist and computer engineer.
Their music was in the hearts of the family "If you are a Sutter, you live to sing", each day to day stresses by piano and song. They learned and acquired from their forebears respect for and diligence in their trade, businesses and prosessions; obedience to God; serving well their stewardships in community activities.
Descendants of Henry and Ella Sutter 77, Deaths: 3
John H.A. Sutter was in the Spanish-American War Cpl 2 Ohio Inf. 
SUTTER, (John) Henry August (I608)
220 1910 Census, Paulding Twp., Paulding Co., Ohio Sheet 6, Line 21
Danklefsen, Sankey C. age 30, b. Germany
Danklefsen, Emma (w) age 31, B. Germany (b. Seneca Co., Ohio...js)
Danklefsen, Otto (s) age 6, b. Ohio
Danklefsen, Lawrence (s) age 4, b. Ohio
Danklefsen, Mildred (d) age 1 4/12, b. Ohio
- - - - - - -
Name: Sanke Danklefsen
Born: 12/14/1879
Died: 02/26/1961
Source: The Bellevue Gazette, Bellevue Ohio
02/27/1961 1:3
Sanke Danklefsen, 81, Groton Twp., farmer, passed away Sunday at 6 p.m., at Bellevue Hospital. He had entered the hospital Jan. 29. (this is not correct JS)
Mr. Danklefsen was born Dec. 14, 1879 in Nebiil, Denmark, the son of Christ and Johanna Danklefsen. He was married in Briceton, O., June 10, 1903, and had made his home in Groton Twp., since 1925. He was a member of St. John's Lutheran Church , Groton Twp.
Survivors are his wife, Emma Magdalene; five sons, Otto, of Milan, Ralph, South Bend, Ind., Lawrence, Clarence, and Earl, of Bellevue; one daughter, Mrs. Mildred Walmsley, Shaker Hits.; four brothers, John, Battle Creek, Mich., Chris, Denver , Colo., Johnny, Port Clinton, O., and Momme, Jordan, Mont.; 10 gradchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 1 p.m., at the Young Funeral Home. The Rev. Norman Kurtz, of St. John's Groton, will officiate and burial will be in Bellevue Cemetery.
Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m., today. 
DANKLEFSEN, Sankey Christian (I316)
221 1940 - 1947 opslag 156 JEPPESEN, Rigmor (I5180)
222 1941, Nørregade 83, Esbjerg FREDERIKSEN, Ane Elisabeth Emmy (I1021)
223 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. TOFTAGER, Leila (I5181)
224 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. CHRISTENSEN, Per Gynther (I1022)
225 2 børn med Tage Erasmi. (http://www.emjdata.dk/gerda.pdf). SAABYE, Edel Johanne Margrethe (I3365)
226 2006: Baeshøjgård C 22
gift 4 januar 1946 i Vig kirke 
CHRISTIANSEN, Edith Emmely (I4603)
227 22 Aug., eller Dom. 11. p. Trinit. hafde Hans Andersen Gaardmand of Ørninge sin søn Friderich til Daaben - Præstens Hustrue holdt Barnet over Daabn Testes var Niels Nielsen, Lars Jensen, Povel (Christensen)?, Peder Ibsens Hustrue og Niels Nielsens Hustrue, alle af Ørninge.  HANSEN BAGER, Friderich (I2430)
228 22 Jul 1758 - 21 Mar 1839
* BIRTH: 22 Jul 1758, Kvale, Luster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
* DEATH: 21 Mar 1839, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Father: MUNTHE, Jens
Mother: JUEL, Ingeborg Marie
Family 1 : GEELMUYDEN, Knud
* MARRIAGE: 1776, Halsnøy, Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway
2. GEELMUYDEN, Ingeborg Marie
3. GEELMUYDEN, Jens Munthe
4. GEELMUYDEN, Marie Wilhelmine
5. +GEELMUYDEN, Anna Catharine
6. GEELMUYDEN, Hans Jacob Borse
7. +GEELMUYDEN, Anna Dorothea Borse
8. GEELMUYDEN, Gerhard Christopher
9. GEELMUYDEN, Hans Jacob Arnoldus Borse
10. GEELMUYDEN, Ingeborg Marie
Kilde: http://genealogy.munthe.net/database/g0001438.html#I26948
Annen kilde: http://tore.vamraak.no/slekt/slekt.asp?indnr=11686 
MUNTHE, Anna Margrete (I3700)
229 22-august-1907 fik kongelig bevilling til at ændre sit efternavn fra Frederiksen til Johansen. JOHANSEN, Thora Bolette (I1012)
230 26 dage gammel NIELSEN, Hans Valdemar (I5156)
231 27 January, hafde Hans Andersen, Huusmand i Grønholt, sin Søn Andreas til Daaben i Boerup Kirche, Monsr. Fischers, Forpagter paa Svenstrup-Gaard, hans Huusholderske Karen Nielsdaatter bar ham til Daaben. Daabs Vidne Sr Ove Hansen, Ridefoged paa Svenstrup, Matz Sparre, Fuldmægtig hos Monsr. Fischer ibid. Niels Olsen, Hans Hansen og Anders Hansen i Grønholt.  HANSEN BAGER, Anders (I2429)
232 28 år da han blev gift. MØLLER, Christian Frederich (I343)
233 2nd Febr. Hafde Hans Bager of Ørninge, sin Søn Peder til Daaben Sara Mari Høy? Monsr. (Friz)leben, Ringsted holdt Barnet over Daaben. Daabens Vidner var Peder Olsen, Borup; Niels Nielsen i Ørninge Povel Christensen ibid. Lars Jensens Hustrue og Peder Ibsens ibid.  HANSEN BAGER, Peder (I2426)
234 3 Julie Eulalia BRØNDSTED.
Født 11 juni 1816 i Varde. Død 28 juni 1897 i Frederiksberg. ~ 29 juni 1840 i Asminderød m. II.2 Georg Koës BRØNDSTED, godsejer (1814-1878). Godsejer til Gyldenholm v. Slagelse, justitsråd. Se afsn. 1.1. Hun er tilsyneladende ikke opkaldt efter nogen slægtning, men flere af hendes egne efterkommere er kaldt Julie. Gift med sin fætter, justitsråd Georg Koës Brøndsted til Gyldenholm ved Slagelse. Hun blev enke 1878, da familien var flyttet til Frederiksberg. I sine sidste år blev hun passet af sin ugifte datter Betty.
K.G. Brøndsted [30]: "Om tante Julie gælder det samme som om flere af hendes tanter, Frisch'erne, at hun blev blidere med årene; smuk og dygtig og morsom var hun altid". 9 børn med II.2 Georg Koës BRØNDSTED, se afsn. 1.1. 
BRØNDSTED, Julie Eulalia (I5889)
235 3/9 2005. Besök av ättlingar (Henriksson) till en av Samuel Åstrands bröder. En är släktforskare och återkommer med släkt.Vi har fått en rtf-fil med den Åstrandska släkten. (Åstrands stamtavla.rtf) ÅSTRAND, Samuel (I3144)
236 4 februar 1916 dagen for folketællingen er Eiler indlagt på Bispebjerg hospital. Jensen, Eiler Theodor (I6090)
237 4 p Trin BAGER, - Hansen (I2427)
238 5 Søskende KRISTENSEN, Anna Kamilla Jakobine Camilla (I5041)
239 5-juli-1955 ændret navn til "Aksel Kiran". JENSEN, Aksel Albert Frithiof (I5859)
240 6 døde børn. Ifølge folketællingen 1880. CLAUSEN, Nielsine Kirstine (I49)
241 6 levende børn og 2 døde. Familie: Peter JENSEN / Maren HANSDATTER (F78)
242 6 Mdr Gl. REVENTLOW, Ulrike Eleonore (I2774)
243 62.4 Niels Nielsen Bak, født 17.3.1816 i Handest, Glenstrup, Randers amt, døbt 29.6.1816 i Glenstrup kirke - død 16.11.1891 i Guldager, Simested, Viborg amt - begravet 24.11.1891 på Simested kirkegård - husmand i Guldager, Simested s.
FT-1860 Rinds herred, Simested sogn, Guldager, 1 gård
Niels Nielsen, 44 år, - Gjertrud Marie Pedersdatter, 43 år, hans kone. - Niels Nielsen, 13 år, f. Simested s. deres søn. - Ane Kirstine Andersdatter, 10 år, f. Glenstrup s., plejedatter. 
BAK, Niels Nielsen (I2125)
244 62.4.1 Jens Nielsen, født 7.12.1842 i Guldager, Simested, hjemme døbt 10.12.1842 - fremstillet 1.1.1843 i Simested kirke, faddere: pige Ane Christensdatter i Grangård; pige Maren Nielsdatter af Handest; Anders Christensen i Grangård; Jens Nielsen og Peder Nielsen i Handest NIELSEN, Jens (I2127)
245 62.4.2 Niels Nielsen Bak, født 23.2.1846 i Guldager, Simested, hjemme døbt 6.3.1846 - død inden fremstilling i kirken. BAK, Niels Nielsen (I2128)
246 62.4.3 Niels Nielsen Bach, født 19.5.1847 i Guldager, Simested, hjemme døbt 5.6.1847 - fremstillet 12.9.1847 i Simested kirke, faddere: pige Maren Nielsdatter fra Handest; gårdmand Jens Skinnerups søn af Guldager; ungkarl Jens Nielsen af Handest; gårdmand Anders Christensen i Grangården og Peder Bak i Guldager - død 15.5.1918 i Guldager, Simested, begravet 23.5.1918 på Simested kirkegård - indsidder - alderdomsunderstøttet - aftægtsmand
FT-1890. hus Guldager, Simested s.
Niels Nielsen Bach, 73 år, e. aftægtsmand
Niels Nielsen Bach, 43 år, g. husfader, husmand
Ane Marie Pedersen, 46 år, g., husmoder
børn: Ane 17 år, Peder 13 år, Poul 11 år, Mette Kirstine 9 år, Jensine 6. år, Martin 1. år 
BAK, Niels Nielsen (I2112)
247 Niels Nielsen Bak, født 28.6.1870 i Guldager, Simested, hjemme døbt - fremstillet 13.7.1870 i Simested kirke.
- gift 27.5.1899 i Løgsted kirke med Else Pouline Jensen, født 2.5.1879 i Mjallerup, Løgsted, datter af gårdmand Peder Jensen og hustru Marie Kristensen. 
BAK, Niels Nielsen (I2105)
248 Petrine Marie Nielsen Bak, født 15.8.1902 i Guldager, Simested - døbt 28.9.1902 i Simested kirke. Faddere: aftægtsmand Niels Baks hustru Ane Marie Pedersen af Guldager; pige Gjertrud Marie Nielsen Bak; husmand Erik Larsen af Guldager, ungkarl Søren Jensen Laurbjerg af Nørager, ungkarl Martin Nielsen Bak af Nørager.- konfirmeret 1916 i Simested kirke- gift 7.6.1929 i Simested med ungkarl Martin Madsen af Guldager, født 25.5.1905 i Sjørslev (søn af husmand Laurits Madsen og hustru Marie Nikolajsen) - arbejdsmand. BAK, Petrine Marie Nielsen (I2231)
249 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. MADSEN, Anna Marie Bak (I2111)
250 Mindst én nulevende eller privat person er knyttet til denne note - Detaljer er udeladt. MADSEN, Albert Bach (I2110)

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